Explore-Canada Caravans is a family-owned-and-operated business which grew out of a love for RVing and a desire to experience the open road. Explore-Canada Caravans has been leading fully arranged, total service caravans since 1998.

Dan and Bobbie RomankoDan and Roberta Romanko have been RVing together for more than 15 years. They are "excited to share this wonderful country from east to west and south to north." Explore-Canada Caravans runs RV caravan tours in Newfoundland, Alaska & the Yukon, Quebec & the Gaspe, The Manitoba Polar Bear Trek, The Maritimes, The Canadian Rockies as well as throughout Ontario.

In addition to leading several caravans and rallies every year, Dan teaches RV how-to and safety courses and his monthly column, RV Forum, is published in the RV Gazette. Roberta uses her training as a geography teacher to bring you an informative and interesting perspective on the varied terrains of the Canadian countryside and writes a column -- From the Navigator's Seat -- each month in the RV Gazette.

For more information about Explore-Canada Caravans, please feel free to contact us.